Here are a few of the reviews which I have written on this blog, on this one handy page.

Lee Evans @ The O2
In this, I review Lee Evans 2014 tour of Monsters, and also share my thoughts about stand up comedy in arenas.

Album Review: Maroon 5 - V (Deluxe Version)
How could I not review it? It was much better than their previous album.

It's the Golden Ticket
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, really is the golden ticket!

McFly and Busted Travel Back to the Future
When McBusted formed, I got tickets immediately to relive my teenagehood, and then wrote this.

Building on a Good Thing
I took some children to see The Lego Movie, and loved it so much I had to share my thoughts with you.

Review: Maroon 5 Live at The O2, London
Having waited ages to watch the rescheduled show, this is how much I liked them, and not anyone else.

Review: Matilda the Musical
We saved up to see this fantastic musical, and here are my thoughts of it.

The Doctor at 50
A blog celebrating the birthday of Doctor Who.

Amateur Misanthrope
In this blog, I review the work of Charlie Brooker, and talk about how he has inspired and my work.

Theatre Review: Barking In Essex
Having gone an seen the Barking In Essex at the Wyndham Theatre in its opening week, featuring Lee Evans and Shelia Hancock, which I then reviewed.

Hemming Wehn - That German Comedian
I went and watched Hemming Wehn at The Gulbenkian in May 2013, and then reviewed what was one of my favourite comedy gigs.

Broadchurch - The Best Whodunnit For Ages
I reviewed ITV's fabulous series 8-part series of Broadchurch, which had a nation gripped.

Milton Jones - Warming Us Up
This is my review of Milton Jones performing at The Gulbenkian in January 2013, in which he practiced his material before his upcoming tour, and was unfortunately relentlessly heckled by a drunk from Dover.

If this is the End of the World: Bring It On!
Here is my review of the War of the Worlds tour, which I saw at Wembley Arena in December 2012. It was possibly the best experience of my life!

Album Review: Matchbox Twenty - North
I brought the new Matchbox Twenty album, and loved it so much I had to share my thoughts to try and get more people to buy it. It was everything I wanted from the Maroon 5 album which came out a few months earlier.

The Greatest Show On Earth
My review of the amazing opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics.
This blog is ranting about the current adverts which are on TV, and also all of the Official Olympic sponsorship...

Album Review: Maroon 5 - Overexposed (Deluxe Edition)
I brought the new Maroon 5 album, I played it, I screwed my face up, then I wrote about it...

Comedy By A Ragdoll On Strings
Chris Addison stopped at The Gulbenkian, Canterbury for his 2012 tour, and I wrote a little thing about it.

Britain's Got Pomposity
My review of the 2012 series of Britain's Got Talent, the social class divide which it caused, the reaction on social networking sites, and a quick moan about Justin Beiber.

"Like Rats Fighting In A Ditch"
After Stewart Lee stopped at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury to perform his 'Carpet Remnant Tour', I wrote a review of how much I enjoyed the show.

The Wily Mr Murdoch's
Here I show my appreciation for the BBC coverage of the 2011 Formula 1 season, and my thoughts of Sky taking the joint rights from 2012 for showing the sport.

Wuthering Heights: Filmed In A Shed
My thoughts after watching the recent British film adaptation of the Emily Bronte novel. Disastrous is not the word...

James Bond With Added Funny Gas
My review of going to watch Johnny English: Reborn at the Stratford Westfield Vue cinema. The title reflects my general thoughts.

Miracle Day Dragged On For Ten Weeks
My final thoughts of the Torchwood - Miracle Day series; it's slightly more more upbeat...

Americanised; Synonyms: Bastardised
My initial thoughts of the Torchwood - Miracle Day series; it's not a positive one...

"...And The Kangaroo Wasn't Even There!"
A review of Mark Watson's 2011 tour, when he stopped at The Gulbenkian, Canterbury for the evening.

The Other Way Is Sussex
A huge rant about current television, such as praising and slamming comedy, shouting at Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, bemoaning Coronation Street and being disgusting at shows such as 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

Watching Doctor Who From Behind A Brick Wall
A review of the first half of series six of Doctor Who with Matt Smith, with an episode-by-episode guide and sharing my thoughts of the various plots created by supremo Steven Moffat.

Book Review: Sh*t My Dad Says
My first book review, with this one sharing my thoughts and opinions of the American phenomenon written by Justin Halpern.

Jamie Oliver's Terrorist Recruitment Show
My thoughts upon Jamie Oliver's new show on Channel 4 called 'Dream School', in which he puts he arms around teenagers and reassures them they were failed by education, and not that they failed education...

Milton Jones. You Know, Him With The Shirts On Mock The Week
A review of Milton Jones 2011 stand-up show entitled 'Lion Whisperer' which I went to see.

Flee From Glee
A cynical review of the popular American show called Glee, which is happy and full of songs.

Newsnight On Speed
A review of the new, weekly, satirical, current affairs show on Channel 4 with Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and a spare wheel named Lauren Laverne.

Album Review: McFly - Above The Noise
This blog is reviewing the latest 'album' by McFly

The Facebook Factor
A blog which reviews the 2010 series of The X Factor and comments on how everyone 'participates' through Facebook Statues.

Corrie's 50, But They Want No Fuss...
A review of Coronation Street's week of disaster to celebrate their 50th year on our televisions.

My Comedy Nights Revealed 2010
This blog reviews my time at various comedy shows that I have been to. In 2010 I went and saw Paul Zerdin, Ardal O'Hanlon and Jeremy Hardy.

Album Review: Maroon 5 - Hands All Over (Deluxe Edition)
The last of the seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood
The sixth of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: Train - Save Me, San Francisco
The fifth of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: Slash - Slash
The fourth of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: Goo Goo Dolls - Something For The Rest Of Us
The third of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: Fyfe Danferfield - Fly Yellow Moon
The second of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Album Review: Barenaked Ladies - All In Good Time
The first of seven blogs in which I review my favourite albums of 2010.

Heavy Rain. Yeah, The Weather Has Been Rubbish Actually
My first gaming review about PS3 game Heavy Rain. The first in a three-part series of reviews different from my norm; celebrating two years of 'The Blog Of Stuart'.

Bye-Bye Big Brother
A blog discussing the popularity of the show, the legacy it will leave in the UK, how awful the show was; Oh, and also rants about Jade Goody.

The Reincarnation Of Sherlock Holmes
A review of the BBC's first series of their modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes called 'Sherlock'.

A Virgin Choosing Between A Vampire Or A Werewolf
A review of every females teen's favourite movie 'Eclipse'; the third edition to the 'Twilight' saga.

A Toy Story Too Far? 
My thoughts about the third Toy Story movie and my first 3D experience.

Fed Up Of That Annoying Monotone Sound? Yeah, I Don't Like Adrian Chiles Either
A review of everything World Cup 2010 related from the actual football, the pundits and the topical adverts.

The Regenerated Doctor: Twelve Episodes On Part I
The Regenerated Doctor: Twelve Episodes On Part II
A two-part review of Matt Smith's Doctor Who, Steven Moffat's writing, an individual review of every episode from the fifth series, and lots more.

Britton's Got Tarrent
A review of 2010's Britain's Got Talent from the series winners to the adventurous camera angles.

The New Regenerated Of Doctor Who
My initial thoughts of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat's adaption of Doctor Who on the first episode.

Ant & Dec Push The Self Destruct Button On Their Careers
The popular review of Ant and Dec's new show, and how disastrous it was for them.

Dancing With Vampires
A satirical review of at TV's two latest formats: Vampire shows and Dancing competitions.

My Comedy Nights Reviewed
A review of four comedy/magic acts I saw during 2009, which include Paul Daniels, Milton Jones, Lee Mack and Sean Lock.

New Moon: The Stuart Review
A review of the second edition to the Twilight saga.

Bully Nick Griffin Time
A review of Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time and how him being mocked made him come across as a real politician.

Am I Watching Britain's Got Talent Or X-Factor?
My thoughts on the changes to X-Factor which were introduced in 2009.

After Watching Six Weeks Of Day Time Telly, I Like The Idea Of Suicide
A review of the weird things you find of television during the day.

A review of the weird things you find of television during the night.

My angry thoughts of how popular Big Brother was during 2009 and how happy I was at hearing the news of it dying in 2010.

My fiftieth blog in which I review the series of Torchwood shown in 2009.

My review of Piers Morgan questioning Katie Price; the two people which I despise.

A review of the final of Britain's Got Talent in 2009.

A review of the opening of the Britain's Got Talent final week.

A review of Eurovision 2009 in which the United Kingdom done surprisingly well.

A review at the start of the 2009 stretch of Britain's Got Talent.

A two blog special reviewing the state in which comedy is in and how terrible it has become compared to the old classics.

A satirical look at the mass of programs which have the presenters name in the program title.

A look at recent insurance adverts which have rock-stars in them breaking their normal 'rebel' lifestyle for money.

A review of 2008's Im A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

A review of the special comedy show 'We Are Not Amused' which was to celebrate his 60th birthday and raise money for charity in 2008.

A review of the disgraceful Children In Need show in 2008.

A review of my experience of being dragged to the cinema to watch High School Musical 3. I know; I can't believe I went either.

A review of Peter Kay's satirical pop at reality television.

A review of Paul Merton's old sketch show which I spent hours and hours watching on 4OD.

My cynical thoughts on the show and the people they always inevitably go and help.

My very first blog ever in which I share my thoughts on reality television and review the first series of the reality show 'My Family', which was shot in Canterbury.