As I've started a University degree in Journalism, I now have some knowledge about the topic and I've started writing about it.

Save The Journalist
In this blog, written in a newsroom, I reveal my thoughts regarding the Press Regulation Bill drawn up by the Government, how it threatens to risk the sort of journalism we like in this country. 

Now That's What I Call Leveson
I wanted to share my thoughts regarding the results of the Leveson Inquiry, and how it was like a celebrity special.

Guardian Debate: How Can The Press Restore Trust
Because I like to show off, I wanted to write a blog about the Guardian event that I was invited to, and talk about what had been discussed by the panel of respected Journalists, and an MP, on the topic of the hacking scandal and how best to stop such abuses of trust in the future.

Why Would Anyone Want To Ever Be A Journalist?
After the hacking scandal, the respected role of Journalism took quick a hit. Here I am discussing my thoughts of the topic.