News Items

Here are all of my blogs which are about items which where in the news at the time.

Press Vendetta or Public Anger
Maria Miller is slated in the media, but the Conservatives brush it off. 

A New Era of Formula 1 Powers Itself into the History Books
After the first race of the 2014 season, in which new, quieter engines were used, I give the unique opinion of liking it.

BBC 3 Set to Disappear into Cyberspace
A blog in which I share my thoughts of the BBC announcing that the channel would move to online only in 2015.

Life After the Woolwich Attacks
In light of two people being convicted, I reflect on the terrible events, seeing as I lived just a mile down the road from the incident.

Sinking Britain
It rained a lot at the start of 2014...

Armchair Activist
A blog discussing the 'trolling' that occured on Twitter during the summer of 2013, and my the events that followed on from it.

The Woolwich Murder
In this blog I take a serious look at the shocking terrorist events that happened Woolwich from the view of someone who lives barely a mile down the road.

April: The Month Stuff Happened
The month when Margret Thatcher died, the Boston Marathon was attacked by terrorists, and when JLS announced their split.

Major Congestion Reported Getting Into SimCity
A humorous take on the disastrous launch of SimCity when it was launch in March 2013. This piece also featured in my University work.

The Princess and Her Privacy
A blog about the uproar that followed when a French magazine published photographs of the nipples belonging to Kate Middleton.

London 2013
In response to the then upcoming 2012 London Olympics, I envisaged how the city should celebrate having no sporting events in the following year.

Ashamed To Be Human
The reaction the death of Gadaffi invoked some pretty strong emotions in me which forced me to write a blog declaring that I no longer wish to be human...

Rise Of The Morons
After the riots in London and the rest of the UK in August 2011, I wrote a blog insulting every single idiot who joined in, and discussed the news coverage.
A blog about the whole Super Injunction mess with Twitter, the media and the Houses of Commons.

If Only Diana Were Alive!
Remember the Royal Wedding and all it's hype? Want to relive it? Fine, well want to read my take of the whole charade? Well this is the blog for you if you said yes!

March Madness
A blog about all the events which occurred during March 2011, which include the Japan Earthquake, protesting and the start of the Libyan war...

A blog focusing mainly about the disastrous events in Japan following the Earthquake, even though it starts off being about the 2009 film '2012'.

It's Snowing, It's Flurrying...
A blog commenting on the UK's ability to cope in the snow again during the latter part of 2010.

The Peasants Are Revolting!
One of my favourite blogs/rants that I have done for a while about the Student protests and commenting on the hypocrisy of both the media and politics.

The BBC Is Value For Money: True Or False?
In this blog I defend The BBC against it's critics, and explain my thoughts on the whole situation and hope to make people realise that we should be 'Proud of The BBC', to quote Mitch Benn.

They Cancelled Corrie!
About how the media handled the shootings which happened in Cumbria during the summer of 2010.

It's ConDem May
This is about the new coalition Government which Britain has and all about the election campaign.

First It Was Ash Friday, Now It's Ash April
The palaver which surrounded the Icelandic Volcano and the disruption to world wide travel.

What Happened In March?
A blog about the events of March 2010 which include Catholic Priests, Sports Relief, The new Formula 1 season, election campaigning and Jade Goody's mother.

February: Love Month (Apparently)
About the news events of February 2010 such as John Terry, the winter olympics, Katie Price and Alex Reid, Gordon Brown/Piers Morgan interview and SNOW!

January In The News
A blog about multiple topics such as the snow, the show 'Take Me Out', Cadbury's, Celebrity Big Brother, Haiti earthquake, Jonathan Ross and the announcement of the iPad.

The Snow-Pocalypse
About the awful amount of snow which hit Britain in January 2010.

The Tiger, The Wife And The Car
A blog about my opinion of the whole Tiger Woods divorce fiasco.

Thank-You God For Murders, Floods And Reality Television
The blog which got me noticed by my principle and is about reality television, the Cumbria floods of 2009 and the news events in Canterbury.

Is A Misspelling Really Disrespectful?
About the uproar which followed after Gordon Brown spelt someone's name wrong in a letter.

Let's Get A Lil Bit Political
A blog about the turmoil at The Houses Of Parliament, Joanna Lumley and the European Elections.

YOU SWINES... How Could You Give Us The Flu!!
All about how Swine Flu disappointedly promised to kill us all.

The Hot, Economic Climate Of Fear
A blog thinking about terrorism, our economy and global warming.

Woolworth-less And The End To The MFI Sale
All about the sad news of Woolworths and MFI going bust and closing down forever.

The Colouring Of America
All about the American elections and Barack Obama becoming the first black president of The United States Of America.

I'm In Need Of A Rant
Me getting very angry about the media erupting over the Ross/Brand/Sachs fiasco.