A list of my blogs in which I moan about how modern society acts and show some demonstrate peoples stupidity.

I look at how hashes have developed from being a key on a phone, to being something which is everywhere you could conceivably imagine it to be.

Sexy Reality
In this blog, I point out that people wearing who wear a uniform for their job, don't actually look sexy wearing the real uniform.

I grow bored of seeing people post rubbish photographs on Instagram, so I share my thoughts regarding it, in the hope they would realise how stupid they are being. Then, I have a go at adding the 'Instagram Effect' onto one of my photographs.

"People wearing coats makes it look cold"
I overheard a woman say a stupid sentence, and I went into a huge rant regarding it.

You Think You Need A Holiday?
There is regular theme on social media of people moaning that they need a holiday, despite most only just having had one, and how actually I am one of the most deserving candidates for a holiday.

Hair: It'll Grow On Me
In this blog, I reveal what I found when looking through websites to find a new haircut for myself, and how stupid the tops of heads are starting to look.

After recently having two babies enter my life (thankfully not mine), I wanted to write a blog bemoaning the life they all lead.

Light-Hearted Offence
After a lot of complaints recently about comments made by people in the public eye, I needed to tell everyone to get over themselves, and shared some wisdom from Stephen Fry.

"D'yew Ge' Me, Like? D'yew Know Wot I'm Sayin'?" No.
A blog, and a vlog, about the language of East London and the evolution of Cockney Rhyming slang.

Thou Shall Not Share Thy Opinion
In this blog, I cover the recent scandals in the media and on Twitter, and how you should not have any opinions, at all. No, not even that one!

This Is Just Complete Horse Manure!
A blog purely commenting on peoples use of the English Language, and especially in how they use their fucking profanities.

Halloween: The Pointless Charade
Another short blog, discussing another annual holiday. In it describe my true feelings for Halloween and Trick Or Treaters.

When Actually Is Christmas?
A short blog discussing how early Christmas is getting each year. It currently starts in August.

Apple: A Byte Too Far
A blog about the computing giant Apple and their nearly released products such as the iPad, iPhone and their new iPod designs.

Wii Elbow
This blog is about my opinions of the Nintendo Wii, it's effects upon our society and my injuries.

Why Tweeting? Why Not Meowing, Woofing, Bleating Or Mooing?
A blog about my experiences on Twitter and about what people use it for and my opinions of that.

Shame Of Britain Awards
A satirical look at the Pride Of Britain Awards.

Alcoholics Are Not Anonymous When Pissed
A blog talking about peoples drunken states and underage drinking.

Social Networking Has Ended Socialising
A look at how websites such as Facebook have changed how people interact with people for the worse.

Who Decides The Importance Of News Stories?
This blog ponders about the order news stories and their importance on News shows.

Y Spk Englsh Wen U Cn Tlk In Slang/Ghetto/Text/Jargon/Gobbledegook
A ranting blog about the way in which our English language is used by our society.

Easter - The Celebration Of The Birth Of Christ... No, It's The Death Of Christ... Is It? Well Either Way It's The Time Something Happened To Christ
This blog discusses what Easter actually stands for in modern society and how some people actually have no idea what Easter is all about; besides the chocolate.

Advertising To The 'YouTube' Generation
A blog which talking about the Yell/118 247 adverts which hit our screens early 2009 and were overly reminiscent of virals on YouTube.

Personal Computers Gone Mad - Is It Politically Correct To Say 'Gone Mad'?
A blog discussing how politically correct our society has become in order to protect peoples feelings.

My God, There Are Some Idiots About
This is about my trip into town and all of the stupid things I heard during the adventure.

Let's Get Twittering... Twittering
A blog which was about my initial thoughts of Twitter after I joined.

Rick Rolling
About the YouTube phenomenon.