These are blogs which are about me personally, my life and what I think about it; in other words, a bit boring...

Moving, Just Keep Moving
Again, I reflect on being jobless, and the experience of moving into our new flat in Hythe.

I'm the Cockney Chameleon Without a Job
I reflect on finishing my three years of University in East Landon...

Let's Reminisce Into My 2012
In this blog, I take a self-obsessed look into my 2012.

Sour Grapes
After entering a photography competition, in which the winner was decided by who could rally the most Facebook 'likes', I needed to vent my frustration.

My Day With The Stars
A blog about a 24 hour of my life, when I went to see the Blood Brother's musical, at Madame Tussauds, and then down Bakers Street...

Let's Hack Into My 2011
Here is a look back into the year I got into a long distance relationship, went to University, went up in a helicopter and the London Eye...

An Hour In The Life Of Me
Here is a transcript of an hour of my life, which I had to do for University, and thought I'd share... Honestly, it's not worth a read.

My Review Of NOT Watching Jimmy Carr
After being given some tickets to watch Jimmy Carr in Margate, I lost them and then got my car clamped within a few minutes of each other... This a blog about the evening.

The Torturesome Twinge Of Teeth
A blog about my debilitating, mysterious tooth pains. It has since been discovered to be an infection in one of my teeth which hid from X-Rays and numerous experts.

The End Of A Blogging Era
A homage to my second laptop imaginatively named 'Laptopo'. It's quite sad...

Let's Pry Into My 2010
A look back over how 2010 was for me and how I feel about the year in general.

While My Life Slowly Slips Past, I Sleep
This is a blog in which I discuss how hard it is to wake me up and ponder what type of alarm clock to get. It's not as bad as it sounds... Honest.

A Random Blog About My Week
In this blog I talk about two events in my week; my car troubles and A-Level results.

Let's Rummage Into My 2009
A look back over how 2009 was for me and how I feel about the year in general.

Hmm, So What Left Have I Left To Write About... Feet?
Honestly, a pointless blog about the problems I was having with my feet at the time.

Stressed Backwards Spells Desserts Did You Know...
A blog discussing the stress I was under thanks to exams and the like.

Since When Do Living Statues Sneeze?
A blog sharing the rare event in which I saw a man doing the 'Living Statue' trick, but sneezed.

Are You Ready, Are Ready For This, Are You Hanging On The Edge Of Your Seat...
A blog about a random day in my life during May 2009.

Maybe I Should Say Hello And Introduce Myself Finally... Part One
This blog is an introduction to me and the kind of person I am and what things I like to rant about.

A blog about people and their New Years Resolutions.

Let's Delve Into My 2008
A look back at how 2008 was for me and how I feel about the year in general.

One More Thing For Week Three
Back in the days when I used to do blogs on a weekly bases; I decided I want to add a personal thought to it.

And, all the Mundane blogs about driving:
Stuart's In-Car Entertainment Conundrum
A blog written soon after passing my test about what I should do for music whilst driving.

My second attempt at passing my driving test in which I passed and the lessons leading up to that day.

My first attempt at passing my driving test in the snow which I failed and the lessons leading up to that day.

About some of my driving lessons.

About some of my driving lessons.

My first and successful attempt at my theory test and the driving lessons leading up to that day.

About some of my driving lessons

About some of my driving lessons after the first proved popular.

About my first few very unconventional driving lessons.

The joys of a teenager trying to find affordable car insurance.