These are blogs which are about celebrity shenanigans; particularly the dead Jade Goody and the increasingly unpopular Katie Price.

Katie Hopkins Eats The Souls Of Disabled Children
I hate to put her in the category of celebrity, but after her controversial appearance on This Morning which went viral, she set out to exploit her new-found fame, and these are my thoughts regarding it.

Gok Wan: The Serial Rapist
One of my best blogs to date, in which I tear apart every single element of Gok Wan's public image...

My celebration of Jade Goody being dead for a year and how the media covered this story.

A blog about the recent Katie Price activities which includes her new and old relationships and her media hunger.

A blog about how the media covered the deaths of Jade Goody, Michael Jackson and Steven Gately; particularly Jan Moir.

Written on the day of Michael Jackson's death, to celebrate him and also discuss the coverage of the story.

My thoughts of gossip magazines and the people in them.

Written on the day of Jade Goody's death, includes me being very irate about the media coverage she has received.

Self explanatory; my thoughts on Newsreaders covering news items about celebrities.

My thoughts of Michael Jackson's and Jade Goody's illnesses and the medias coverage.